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Full Version: mcdarts
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Does anyone have any experience with this shop,there in Germany,and would like to order a set of darts from them.
I ordered several times. No rants from my side.
What do you want to order there?
Cheers Shotgun,wanted some Bulls Wenger darts,but it was late last night and gave up,order some Max hope darts instead from gbdarts.cheers anyway
I assume non of the sponsors or UK dart shops are carrying the set you require. If you can find the darts you are looking to purchase on any of the online shops in the Netherlands you may possibly get a better deal.
Thanks Little al,but dutch sites don't translate to English,well not the ones I went to anyway,A-Z darts have em,but not sure about shipping cost,and not sure they'll ship to the UK,or do they? Saying that £40 darts plus shipping costs,im paying another 75% on the cost of the darts.
Ordered once, all went absolutely fine, however after getting to know more online shops i do find them terribly overpriced.