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Full Version: Accudart Variant
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Traded with griff10 for these!!!
[Image: IMG_4211.jpg]
[Image: IMG_4212.jpg]
A set that is still on my wishlist
I managed to get a set of these as well - brilliant darts. A full set is on my wishlist as well as the set I have doesn't have any of the paperwork and bits either
nice one Trev
Love to get a set with all the bits and stuff as well!!!
I have a full set of Accudart the Variant darts for sale with all the paperwork inside the box too
pics are gone-gone
(11-07-2013, 10:05 PM)Bell Wrote: [ -> ]I have a full set of Accudart the Variant darts for sale with all the paperwork inside the box too

How much?
I think as they are quite rare they should sell for £85
Have you got pics?
Yes I managed to upload one as my avatar but was having trouble uploading others as only using my blackberry phone
I have only just put these accudart variants on ebay listed as accudart the variant on ebay.Co.UK there are a few great pictures on there so you van all view them and the listing ends tomorrow (Sunday) afternoon. Thanks guys
I just stumbled upon this Forum and registered as a member as I was researching Accudart Variants as I am about to list a set on eBay. I hope that posting that isn't a violation. And I wish that I had found this Forum sooner and had a high enough post count to have just listed them here. I scheduled my listing and may very well just adjust the price too high for them to sell there as I would rather take some time and build a reputation and post count here and list them where I know they would be appreciated for sure. It's not about the money as my reason for selling them is a spinal cord injury that has left me unwilling to throw metal point darts anymore. I haven't even recovered to the point that I have enough feeling or touch in my fingers to toss soft points yet either. But I hope with time and continued therapy that day will come soon. I hope by then I will have established a reputation and post count here that will allow me to buy a set of custom darts by then too. If anyone is interested in the Variants that I have? Just post in this thread and I will cancel my auction and hold them until I can post them in the Buy & Sell section here. Like I said: It's not about the money and I would rather an actual enthusiast ends up with them rather than someone on eBay that may just be looking to resell them at a profit.
Thanks for having me and I look forward to becoming a contributing and trusted member of this great community,


As you said you are selling your Variants at eBay, I don't think it is a violation if you post the link of your item for sale here. That's only one used item which you are getting rid of so you are not competing with any big time forum sponsoring retailers.

People are nicer here!
I posted in the Welcome Section before here and just got a reply from FireStorm. His reply inspired me to cancel my eBay auction and give my body a chance to heal and rehabilitate at least 6 months to a year before I get rid of the Variants. I had a good feeling about this Board when I stumbled onto it via a Google search and was right. I didn't just find a friendly Forum, it appears I've found a new home. And I still look forward to my next darts purchase being a set from one of the sellers here, after I get to know you all better and will get back to tossing darts again. I have been partial to a set of custom darts that I had that resembled some retail darts called "Bumble Bees" that a dear old friend named Nelson made for me but he left us for a better place about 15 years ago now. The set he made me had spinner flights and though I was never a fan before that set, I did get more hat tricks with them than any other darts I ever tossed. So that is what I'll be looking for is something similar to the one's that Nelson made up for me. They were short like the "Bumble Bees" and wrapped with Irish Linen and when I get more feeling back in my fingers that's what I'll be looking for. I can always replace the shafts with spinner type on my own but don't have the talent to fashion and balance a set like Nelson did, so I'll be looking for one of the Members here that has the knack for that. Sorry for the teaser on the Variants, but will post back if things don't work out for me and by then I'll be able to post them here if that's what is. But I have been inspired by FireStorm to work hard and research alternatives to nerve therapy, I'm already keeping bees for a month and a half and taking a worker every other day and having one sting me at the base of my neck and since I've been doing that my progress has improved 4 times faster than the months before and I'm at least that many times more able than before.
Thank you all for having me and especially to FireStorm for the inspiration!,

PS: Just saw your post above here FireStorm and thank you but you were right in your welcome post, I'm going to give it some time and work and hold onto them for now as if I let them go? I'll probably never find another set later and will regret it. Thank again!
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