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Full Version: Help needed
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Hello darts friends.

Need a help here, ive started playing darts about 2 weeks ago, and i need to be consistent throwing the darts at 20, double 20 or triple 20, can u guys please give me any advice in how to train to be consistent?

I allways trow the darts but normally they enter 2 at 20 and one always at 1 or 5.

Thank you in advance
First, if you have only been playing a few weeks and are dropping 2 of 3 in the 20, bravo!  You are leaps ahead of most who pick up the sport.

Second, I highly recommend Flight School.  There are many drills and, when you sign up for it, you will receive personalized recommendations based on your answers to a brief questionnaire. 

Third, I will of course defer to my more experienced fellow Darts Nutz as I have only been playing a few months.

Welcome and enjoy the journey!
Yes its true i dont know it if is good or not but normally out of 3 normally i can deliver 2 darts on the 20 ive started playing on the 16 of November
Hi markusousa,

I've been shooting darts since about Feb. 2015. I joined 'Flight School' around July. Since that time my shooting has become better, but if you're shooting two darts to the target after two weeks I sure don't want to play you! Guests cannot see images in the messages. Please register at the forum by clicking here to see images.

On a more critical note, shooting at a single target and expecting great results in competition is probably going to give you a deflated ego in a hurry.

Using your current methodology of a single target, go around the board starting with the fat one. Throw three darts at each suceeding number until you get back to the fat twenty. If your results are still getting two darts per number then most assuredly you have some real skill and you will further that talent with a good coach. Register for Flight School (it's free) and work with George to improve your game.

Further, watch you tube videos of the top players and see if you can gleen a thing or two from them.
Browse this forum for great advice and encouragement.

Best of luck to you!
Ive allready registered with George is a reallu great guy, and he sent me really good tips.
The thing is that here in Portugal we dont have coachs in darts, im allready on a team of darts playing in the regiional championships, i think that i really should have some sort of skill or luck, because ive played my first game last week with a pair, and ive closed 2 straight games one at dbl 8 and another at dbl 4, and all my colleages just stare at me speachless...

Just want to improve my game.

Any more advises people?