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Full Version: Anderson, Wade & Barney throw
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Not sure if this is the right place to post these videos, hopefully it is.

Unusual camera angles.

thanks for the vids very nice.
Nice vids, i like the angles. Cant really get that angle anywere else. Especially the james wade videos because him being a lefty you cant really get a good look at his grip on t.v.
Gary A. really spins his darts before throwing. Spins them to the right then they roll off counter- clockwise. What's with the guy throwing next to Gary A. at about 2:10 into the video?
From the videos, it looks like Barney's darts don't do a lot of waffling in the air after they leave his hand, whereas Wade and Anderson's darts kind of wobble a bit after the release.    But their results are all good.

As for the guy in the Anderson video, remember this looks to be shot in Japan and those folks can get kind of strange in the way they dress and all the stuff they wear tossing the darts.
I had no idea. i thought we were the "nutz"? But that guy was way out there
very good videos Smile and for the fella in andersons video, that man must have a massive passion for our beautiful game.
Not sure how I missed this thread first time round so thanks for bumping it and +1 to bozza for posting, these vids are great! Smile
Wow, great stuff here. Interesting to see Anderson and Barney both release with a bit of a point down action. That's bad, bad, bad according to many a website out there, ha! Can't argue with results, and these guys are the best. Makes you think.
Interesting Videos.

There are some more on PDC´s YT-Channel showing Players Stand and Throw.

thank you!
Love Andersons action. Silky smooth