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Full Version: Doubles Round The Board Challenge
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176...it could by my "personal worst" :-) I played it on the trainer though...

I needed 42 darts for D9 and 17 darts for D15...funny thing was I finished it with one dart at both D20 and the bullseye. Also, I managed to have a 10 minute phone call along the way, just when on D8...
Back to a traditional dartboard... Needed 69 darts for D1 - the bullseye. As this challenge is just for D1 - D20, then my score was 60.
I've just got 57.
Another one - 51.
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Improvement for me too 101.
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Tried it today and got 113
It seemed like I could make a new pb today but some doubles were against the idea. Anyway, 54 is a good score for me.
my best so far it 51
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First try: 106
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Big improvement: 89 darts!
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