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Full Version: Suggestions about dart weight to start with
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I am pretty new to darts, I have had an electronic soft tip board and have played it off and on. Never really played it enough to get very good but recently I have gotten more interested in it and have been playing more. So far I'm really not accurate at all, and I have been wondering if I would be more accurate if I could use heavier darts, but I couldn't really do that on my dartboard because it would only take 18 gram darts and mine were 17 already. So I decided I would get a regular bristle board and some steel tip darts and see the difference it would make for me. (I kinda wanted to try steel tips anyway lol) I have a board ordered but I just can't decide what weight of darts to start out with? I have no clue. I thought maybe 24-26? Any suggestions! Thanks for any help.
24-26g sounds a good start point for steel tip darts.

Don't go for expensive Taylor or Anderson darts to start with, maybe get a couple of cheaper sets from Pure Darts from the McCoys or Hi-Tec ranges - maybe one straight barrel and one bullet shape. They may be cheaper, but they are just as good, especially if starting out on steel tip and not sure what weight or style to use.

Hello and welcome aboard! Welcome to darts too. That weight range is good to start with, I usually suggest 24 or 25 grams but you have to remember that some darts if they are front weighted will feel heavier at the front. Its probably best to start with a straight barrel set for that reason but no need to spend a fortune on them as your in a testing phase.
I agree with the previous weights suggested. I tell new players to try 23 only because that is IMO the middle of the road in most used dart ranges.