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Full Version: Mega Rare - News of World find.
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We have family friends up in Harwich and have been there several times... up one of the old narrow streets, was some Pub I stopped in for a few Ales... I went outside for a Fag ( I smoked back then ) and opposite this Pub ( really annoying me I can't remember the name of the Gaff ) is an old 16th Century House, all crooked wood beams and Leaning walls, small Lead framed lattice windows, the whole front facia of the building no more than 15/17 feet wide, a small Black Oak wooden front entrance door leaning askew in it's frame.... and next to the door on the white-washed wall is a small Black plaque, perhaps 6" square exclaiming that this was the former residence and family home of Christopher Jones, Captain, Maylfower.

Back in 04 I was last there... it was un-lived in at the time... I wonder if any one's taken the place on.

Just googled the house. Looks like someone has cleaned it up, maybe. Also looks like the pub you were in is The Alma Inn. Quaint looking.
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