Happy Birthday Nucky!
Happy birthday Nucky!  Have a good one Wink
Have a Blast on yer Birthday Nucky! Did you turn 180 already?  Big Grin
I don't think there is anything 'natural' about throwing darts. A person does not naturally stand sideways, with weight more on one leg, lean forward and swing to launch a projectile repeatedly, day in, day out as part of daily routine. One does not even throw a rock or ball that way.    ~ With darts, everything has to be learnt, and refined.  Wink

What is NATURAL? http://www.dartsnutz.net/forum/showthread.php?tid=22147

A beginner - always experimenting and trying to learn! So I can fool around with loads of set-ups and techniques! Lol! Big Grin
Happy Birthday Nucky, hope you have a great day Smile
Happy birthday nucky have a great day and indulge!!!
Happy Birthday Nicky, have a great day
[Image: GEpKdcf.png] 
Current Board 
Gladiator 3 with Corona Surround and Unicorn number ring
23 Gram Modified ONE80 Comets with black points, Pro Grip stems, punched RD Hardcore flights with Target titanium stem rings                      

If you can hit the target when your arse is hanging out you are a great player 

PB since re starting playing in 2014. 15 darts May 25th 2015  and  equalled May 25th 2016                                                           
Happy Birthday!
2018 best leg: 16
2018 180's: 14
2018 HF: 100

Happy Birthday Nucky, have a great one and enjoy! Smile
Many happy returns,Nucky
DARTS-Phase 5 purist/ Power 9fives 26g
SHAFTS-Target Power shaft (intermediate) 
FLIGHTS-Newcastle Utd (standard)
BOARD-Target Power Board
BOARD-unicorn eclipse HD trainer board
SET UP-unicorn dartmate
[Image: ZL8JXbT.png]
Happy birthday celebrate in style.
Happy B'Day man. May the sofa be soft, the beer be cold, the triple digit scores and first dart doubles bless your day.

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