From steel tip to soft tip darts.
I want to buy a set of soft tip darts, but I don't know what weight I should get. I never played soft tip darts before. I usually play steel tip and I play with 24g darts. What weight should I get for my soft tip darts?
I think it depends on what boards / rules you expect to be playing.

Boards have a maximum allowed weight of dart, plus some leagues / tournaments may have their own limit.

18g would be good to go anywhere but as you throw a heavier dart you might prefer a heavier dart if the boards and rules allow.

Also note that dart weight is quoted differently between steel tip and soft tip.

In steel, the weight refers to the barrel including the point.

In soft, it normally refers to the total weight of the dart (I.e. point, barrel, stem and flight)

So the actual barrel only weight tends to be about 1.5g lighter that the stated weight of the darts.

Check before you buy, if the weight doesn't specify barrel weight, it probably means the total weight.
16g’s are common in soft tip, but 18’s are the #1 weight used, now people are using 20s around my area, but aren’t near as common. I’d recommend to start with a CHEAP set of 18s, then if you don’t like the weight you could go up or down from there. Cheers!! Smile
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IMO first get something close in profile/grip with a moderate weight around 18 gram.
Which darts do you normally use?
If your used to 24 gram then I would try and stay as close to possible to that weight. I have heard that (from dart store owners) that the max weight for soft tip will be 25 soon. That would be great for you but you would have to wait until a company made them or have them made yourself. having said that, the only boards capable of handling your 24's would be the new boards so you would be limited on where you can play until it becomes the norm. I used to play with 27's but after my 20+ year break I came back throwing soft tip and went to a 20 gm. I use conversion tips for steel boards. I haven't played much steel outside my house yet and once in a while I'll throw my old 27's and find they do fly truer because of the weight so I'm still on the fence on settling for just 20 gm. I do find that practicing with the lighter darts helps with keeping the dart on line. Luck in your adventure!

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