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Phoenix / DartsLive ratings : how many games ?
How are the PPD / MPR calculated ??

It can't be all your games can it ?  It seems to fluctuate too much for that ???  Last 100 games maybe ?
DARTSLIVE2 is last 30 games. Do note that if you play split bull for 01, it would not count towards your rating.

Phoenix does not specify the number of games so i assume it is accumulative.

Darts is an easy game to play, but difficult to play well.

30 - really is not that many at all is it
hang on :

' It is the average of records where majority of weight is placed on the most recent 30 games.'

majority of weight ??? - that's crystal clear then !!!!
gets better:

We calculate RATING in such a way that a weight is placed on the latest results (30 games) based on our specifications. We cannot answer the calculation method for STATS as it is not publicized information.
if im playing just 01's and cricket solo would there be any rating calculation for dartslive?

if not wrong phoenix does factor that in...or ive mistaken?
Yes, it will calculate the rating as long as you play games. Doesn't have to be against an opponent.

You can't play cricket solo, can you?

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