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About the WDDA Satellite
Although it seems like a secondary issue The Satellite has had as good if not greater response when seen by people. I recently took it to the Italian Sports Club in Werribee to show Ian Gray the wheelchair darts coach. We set it up in the foyer and while we were looking the Bingo finished and people came past and stopped on their way out. It had an amazing response. Even the security guard who was there (an Indian) was overwhelmed with the benefits and asked if he could video it on his phone and contact relatives in India who he felt would donate table to communities on behalf of temples over there.
One lady has a 15 year old niece with a brain tumor and was almost in tears saying her niece could use this table as a fun activity as she was losing control of her body and the tumor in an inoperable part of the brain.
The WDDA is unique in that we have equipment that will benefit most disabilities.
The Satellite table has braille dots on the surface to indicate the score for blind players who can play it safely. Its potential far out shine the dart frame as it exclude nobody and can have the playing surface accommodate different games / sports that can be played using the pendulum action. It can also aid in word and spelling skill for children depending on the design affixed to the surface.
[Image: SatellitePictureforbrochure.jpg]
A WDDA event will have people with all levels of disability at the same venue on the same day using one or other of the pieces of equipment.
Just think about the social networking that will be going on during the day amongst family and carers. Think how many leagues may offer the Satellite as an alternative event to bring in a wider spectrum of members.

The Satellite is a huge draw card to boost the profile of darts at every level from spinal units to mental disability organizations. VicSport were excited about the dart frame for community housing as with low staff numbers it isn't always possible to take one two off to try lawn bowls or similar these are in-house activities that are fun for able bodied and those with disability alike. The Satellite with the braille dots is exceptionally suitable for promotion to blind organizations and nursing homes. I have had so much on my plate I haven't had time to do this but it links in with darts infrastructure and benefits everyone.
See you at the oche'


[Image: wwodLOGO2014_zpsvd5ghupb.jpg]

Darts used-Harrows 24g Dennis Priestley.
Monster Gunner11 2BA 16g, L-Style 260 shafts and white Astra flights.
34 years playing darts 1982-2016, retirement is not an option Smile


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