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Taylor vs Winstanley -missed Double 12 -Cheating?
PDC release statement regarding Taylor v Winstanley

THE PDC has issued the following statement in relation to the Gibraltar Darts Trophy game between Phil Taylor and Dean Winstanley:

FOLLOWING speculation and discussion on various online and social media forums, the PDC can confirm it has reviewed footage of the conclusion of the fourth leg of the Gibraltar Darts Trophy second round match between Phil Taylor and Dean Winstanley, where Taylor was awarded game shot on a finish of double 12.

The footage shows that the dart landed outside the double 12 segment however both Taylor and match referee Russ Bray have confirmed they were unaware of this whilst Winstanley did not raise his concerns at the time.

PDC Tournament Director Tommy Cox confirmed: "I spoke with both players and the referee and Phil offered to replay the match, which under the rules is not an option, and Dean confirmed that he wants to put the incident behind him and concentrate on his next event.

"I would like to reassure the public that that fairness, transparency and integrity are top priorities of the PDC and this unusual episode is purely attributable to a rare human error from the referee."
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Did he cheat?
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I saw it and it was also mentioned on here (although I can find the post now) - if we can tell its not in watching a stream then I am sure Taylor must have noticed it wasnt in on the way up.
I am going to wait for the archived match to appear on and have another look - memory tells me it was clearly not in - however they may 'edit' it out now that the statement has been released.
Good point Rebel, i was watching it yesterday too and thats what i thought, you can also see Deano standing behind Taylor straining to get a better look, and the squeaky clean PDC will probably edit it out
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Can't see how Taylor could have missed that dart being outside- he pulled it didn't he? That is CHEATING IMO.
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Well if Winstanley knew why did he not say something? too late now, but I bet its happened in his favour in the past too.

I never seen it so I cant really comment that much about it.
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IMO its not cheating. There has been times where the scorer will call game shot and I will blindly pull my darts without even paying attention. It's not my job to determine if it's in or not. Im just grabbing my arrows and going to shake my opponents hand
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Look thats league play - this for real money - sorry Mac don't agree with ya on this one pal.
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As I said elsewhere, why would Deano have reason to query it. Dart players are normally very honest about these things - if the ref called the shot and Taylor didn't query it then why would Deano assume anything other than the shot being good? I don't recall the incident, but if it was obvious that it was out and Taylor would have seen this then he should have said something.

As for the archive on, it wouldn't surprise me if that match doesn't get uploaded into the archives at all. If it does and this shot is missing then people will ask questions as to why.
(07-01-2013, 05:02 PM)*Saber* Wrote: Look thats league play - this for real money - sorry Mac don't agree with ya on this one pal.

Doesn't really matter if its league, competition or whatever. The ref is there for a reason. Even if Taylor did see it was out its still not cheating. Yes it is morally wrong but not cheating. Unless it states it is somewhere in the PDC rules. If so, then I am wrong
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